Network Bee


Supporting local independent businesses is 100% our thing. Creating and branding this women’s networking group was a dream project for us — and we’ve also networked with some incredible local businesses at their buzzing in-person events.


Network Bee is a friendly women’s business networking group who meet in person at ‘The Hive’ (otherwise known as Sheffield’s The Florentine) on a monthly basis. The group has been established since early 2022 and has since welcomed quite a number of local businesses from a variety of sectors through the doors. Unlike most other groups there is no membership, so businesses can come and go as they wish.

The area was lacking in women-only in-person networking groups, so Network Bee was launched to provide a creative, supportive environment for women to collaborate. Each event hosts a guest speaker — and attendees share their businesses, their successes and events as well as cheering each other on and offering business support and recommendations where required.


The group was the brainchild of our very own designer, Leanne, in collaboration with two other local business women. So we were part of the business from the get go. After enjoying a brand workshop where we explored the ins and outs of the business, establishing the business name, mission and values, we moved on to the fun part of bringing the vision to life.

The main concept of the brand is the coming together at ‘The Hive’ to network and collaborate whilst having the freedom to come and go as required. The concept is visualised through hexagonal shapes floating around freely and joining up to establish a network.

The brand’s marketing was planned to be solely online so needed to come across well on digital platforms. Using bright bold colours, modern typography and dynamic design, the brand’s messaging is communicated quickly and effectively through the use of contrast and clean design. The overall feel is welcoming, fun, friendly and professional.

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